Controller Services

Get numbers you don't have to question


Crypto Accounting Process Design

Accounting processes for your crypto designed in collaboration with your CPA to ensure your financials reflect the optimal tax strategies.

Crypto Controls

Monthly Financial Reviews

Timely and systematic reviews with the leadership team to measure past performance and uncover profitability and cash flow opportunities

Process Documentation

Standard Operating Procedures

Build a scalable, repeatable and documented back office function. Build company value and make it easier to onboard new hires.


Cap Table Management

Avoid dilution by having an updated and accurate view of equity positions. Ditch your spreadsheets and implement technology to track investments, options and valuations.

Financial Coaching

Cash Flow Forecasting

Get a better understanding of your cash runway. Stop flying blind- get visibility into the next 13 weeks to 18 months to make better decisions and avoid surprises.

Mentoring for Accounting Staff

Accounting System Selection

Ensure you are on the right platform which can scale with your business, has the appropriate features and streamline your workflow.