Outsourced Crypto CFO Services

Why Choose ProfitLinq as Your Crypto CFO?

The challenges of a crypto company are unique and require specialized knowledge of the industry. Our outsourced Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are well-versed in the crypto industry and understand how to help emerging crypto companies navigate through the early stages of growth. As your CFO, we’ll help guide you in best practices for setting up your accounting infrastructure to yield the metrics you need to run the business and provide forecasting, financial modeling and being part of your strategic planning team, our CFOs also work with your CPAs and attorneys to ensure that your business stays in compliance with tax and legal authorities. 

Proactive advice and no surprises, that's our goal

Our Outsourced Crypto CFO Proven Process

As an owner of an emerging crypto company, you have a lot on your plate. Managing your finance and accounting function shouldn’t be one of them. The smartest CEOs surround themselves with subject matter experts that can both challenge their assumptions and put plans into action. That is what our CFOs do. We start every engagement with a strategic discussion of where your business is heading. We look at your business legal and tax structure, your product roadmap, and your growth plans. We’ll discuss your strategic reasoning for why you chose the path you did. From there we lay out a plan on setting up your crypto accounting infrastructure and develop the financial analysis tools and forecasts to help navigate as you grow. With that foundation in place, we’ll set up the financial modeling, cash flow forecasting, and monthly financial reviews to keep you on track and aware of your cash runway. And you won’t have to worry about having to manage your accounting and finance function, whether you have an outsourced CFO with ProfitLinq or choose to have it handled by your internal staff. We’ll meet with you weekly to discuss developments in the company, keep you abreast of your financial standing, discuss strategic objectives, and check in with you to measure progress against your goals.


Strategic Planning

We take a holistic approach and help you put numbers to your vision, and brainstorm ways to grow your company.

The core of every engagement is understanding where you are heading and helping lay out the financial roadmap to getting there. Strategic planning requires a deep understanding of both the financial and operational sides of your business and the ability to translate your vision into numbers. Our CFOs take a wholistic approach– understanding the financial, operational, tax and legal impact of every recommendation we make. We’ll help you challenge your assumptions, provide guidance based on our experience, and help you formulate your objective, strategic plan.
Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

From scenario analysis to complex financial models, understand your future and make informed decisions based on analysis.

Whether you are looking to expand your service offerings, enter new markets, seek another round of financing, or grow your team, having a CFO to “run the numbers” is critical to the process of making big decisions. The outcome of financial modeling isn’t just a fancy spreadsheet with numbers you can present to prospective investors, rather it is an exercise to help you think through every aspect of your business from finance, to sales, marketing, operations to legal and tax. When we develop financial models with our clients, we help challenge your assumptions, find hidden costs, give you reference points for industry standards, and share our feedback of what the most successful companies are doing. We like to say the greatest outcome of financial modeling isn’t just the plan, it’s a well-formulated, scalable and defensible business model.
Cash Flow Management

Budgets & Forecasts

Measure your performance to plan, course-correct early, forecast changes as they occur and develop a plan to address challenges.

When your business is changing so quickly, it might be tempting to think you don’t need to do a budget or a forecast. After all, they are outdated as soon as you hit “save” on your spreadsheet. We take a different approach. We start with an annual budget so you have an idea of what your year could look like– what your revenue targets are, what resources you need, how much capital you’ll need to spend to get there. From there, we do periodic forecasts to revise the numbers as events unfold throughout the year and opportunities present themselves.

Cash Flow Management

Know your cash runway for new hires, large expenditures and reaching milestones in your product development

It goes without saying that cash is critical to the life of a business. Understanding your cash runway is critical for you to know when you need to raise the next tranche of funding. Through monthly or weekly cash flow forecasting, it is also a great way to help the company foresee cash shortfalls and develop action plans to mitigate them.
Investor Pitches

Board Presentations

Build confidence with your board and investors with solid financials and explanations of past and future performance.

When you have professional investors involved in your business, you want to ensure that your board presentations are professional and well thought-through. As your CFO, we’ll help you prepare for your board presentations, help you pull together the board package, present the financials at the meeting and grow your company.

Establishing KPIs

Measure your performance and hold your team accountable with well-balanced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important at every stage of your business. While they may change over time, it’s important to set up both operational and financial metrics to know and understand your business. With our cloud-based dashboard and accounting tools, you’ll be able to pull up your numbers real-time, wherever you are.

What you can Expect when you work with our cfo's

When you work with us, you can expect a team of seasoned accounting and finance professionals working with you. You won’t have to explain what blockchain is or distributed ledger technologies are.  Our experienced cryptocurrency CFOs spend time getting to know your business, your plans, and your people. Our fractional services model allows your business to get the benefit of hiring a CFO without the costs of hiring someone full time, and you will be working with someone who is seasoned in the business world.