Crypto Accounting Services

Why Choose ProfitLinq as your crypto accountant?

ProfitLinq provides leading crypto and blockchain startups with scalable, outsourced Accounting services. We are one of the few accounting firms that serve companies across the crypto spectrum such as crypto funds, DEXs, NFT creators, Protocols, mining operations and blockchain developers. We understand the unique complexities of crypto accounting, providing you timely financial statements that are audit-ready and follow the most recent tax guidance. Our accounting team members are seasoned professionals who spend time understanding your business model.

Technology-enabled, human powered accounting

Our Proven Process to Crypto Accounting

Your accounting system should give you rich metrics and information to run your business. Your accounting team should ensure that you get that information timely and accurately. We begin every engagement with new clients understanding their short and long term plans, their revenue model and their product road map. Our accounting team will then set up your books so that you can capture the different revenue streams, product lines and costs in a way that will work for you. We will select the right crypto ledger system, and implement a chart of accounts that yields the information you’ll need to run your business. From there, we’ll help you set up standard operating procedures, closing processes, and establish a schedule for updating your financials. Each month we’ll meet for regular monthly financial review meetings, to review your monthly dashboards and key performance indicators.
Monthly Financial Reporting

Financial & Operating Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your business in chart and graph format, making it easier to spot trends and trouble spots.

What gets measured gets done. Sometimes critical information, trends and trouble spots can get buried if you are only looking at financial spreadsheets. That is why our accounting team is responsible for compiling dashboards that encompass your financial and operational data. We review these dashboards in our monthly financial review meeting so we spend less time focusing on finding the critical numbers and more time discussing what to do about them.
Team mates in the office working on a crypto accounting project.

Cryptocurrency Accounting

Have confidence your crypto transactions are being recorded and reconciled for any type of coin, wallet or exchange.

Crypto accounting is complex. That is why you want to have an accounting team that is knowledgeable in all aspects of crypto. Whether it is accounting for DeFi, crypto foundations, DEXs, mining operations, or NFTs we have experience across the crypto spectrum. We understand the complexity- and shortcomings– of current tax laws and work with your tax CPA for crypto tax planning.

Accounting Tech Stack Implementations

Accounting Tech Stack Implementations

Streamline tasks, improve accuracy and shorten closing cycles through the use of integrated accounting technologies

Picking the right accounting technology can greatly impact the speed and accuracy of your accounting team. Knowing which technologies to choose requires a deep knowledge of your business– both current activity and future plans. We’ll select the right crypto accounting ledger that we feel can scale with your business and integrate it with a general ledger system like NetSuite or QuickBooks.

Cap Table Management

Product Line/Job Profitability Analysis

Know which customers are giving your bottom line a boost, and which ones need a price increase through reporting and analysis.

Aside from understanding your overall profitability and cash flow, it is important you understand which products or projects are making money, and which ones aren’t. In order to get this information out of your accounting system, you need a team that knows how to structure and maintain your financial records to capture this information.


Bookkeeping for Cryptocurrency

Accurate, systematic recordkeeping that follows SOPs and gives you analytical data to run your business.

In addition to crypto accounting, it’s important that your fiat bookkeeping is maintained. We’ll record your daily transactions, reconcile your bank accounts and book the necessary accruals and journal entries so your books reflect your business’ performance. We’ll use technology with the latest artificial intelligence features to streamline the accounting and produce accurate financial statements. 


Monthly Closings

Timely closings so you can measure performance, reviews of financial statements for unusual transactions

Getting your books closed timely and accurately allows you to make decisions and take action quickly. That is why we establish a closing schedule with all of our clients at the beginning of each engagement. Our accounting team will close the books, reconcile the accounts and make the necessary accruals, and every client’s accounting is then reviewed by a CFO or Controller.  

What you can Expect When You Partner with Our Crypto cpa's

When you work with ProfitLinq, you can expect to get timely, accurate financial reporting created by accounting professionals who have a deep understanding of blockchain applications, cryptocurrency and the tax laws associated with them. You can also expect an accounting back office that is set up to scale with your company and that doesn’t need to be redesigned when you experience exponential growth. Our team, based 100% in the United States, have been in the accounting profession for many years and understands the complexities that come with smart contracts, digital assets, and financial transactions unique to distributed ledger technology. You will have confidence in your numbers and a scalable team that can help you grow.