Conquering the Complexities of Crypto Accounting

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We worked with a fast-growing client in the DeFi space who needed a better way to track crypto other than in Excel. We met to discuss their crypto workflow, selected and implemented the crypto accounting system, automated their payables process, and maintained their ongoing bookkeeping.
Services: Crypto Accounting

We worked with an early stage FinTech company that transacts in cryptocurrency.  They were looking for a way to record their crypto transactions and had approached a number of accounting firms and accounting software providers before they were referred to us.  Before we set them up with a crypto accounting system, we met with them to discuss their crypto workflow, both now and in the future so we could select a system that would be able to scale.  We then selected a system, integrated it with QuickBooks, and are properly recording crypto transactions on the right basis. In addition, we took their existing QuickBooks file, cleaned up the incorrect automation rules that were set, restructured the chart of accounts, and maintained their ongoing bookkeeping.